Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace

Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace is an organization that will enhance our craft sales ratio worldwide. That's a noble intention that has pioneered a sales organization of Indonesia handicrafts.Through a media that will be a show room for many products with number one quality of the various regions and various artisan furniture.Nationalist spirit that we need to support and develop the more advanced economies our country amid global crisis like now. If further study, many of the original product of this country that became the pride of the product in other countries. Who is wrong? we as owners are lulled or other countries who claim our culture.

Large country is a country that upholds the culture and the work of its people and a great citizen is a citizen who loved and was proud of his country-made products.Actual products mainly furniture from Indonesia is the best in the world. Starting from a good selection of raw materials, manufacturing processes that use human power and most of all is the work which is a legacy from previous generations that must be on guard and preserve.Million dollars generated each knows only from the sale of handicraft activities such as furniture that has been designed as such becomes a table, chairs, cabinets, kitchen furniture, and ornate rooms.


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