Indonesia Pancen Houye

Indonesia Pancen Houye that's what we should say as an Indonesian citizen who loves this country however it appears. Countries that became the house where we grew up and earn a fortune, of course we can not forget about until later. Houye words indeed often we hear from the oral puppeteer Ki legendari Manteb in an advertisement on television. The word is synonymous with Oye, okay means that it is positive and good. Therefore it is not wrong of course, if we call this country as Indonesia pancen houye.

Indonesia is a country rich in everything. Natural resources, culture, religion, traditions to the various tribes and ethnic groups who all membahur become one without any septum. Various diversity of taste combined with a high tolerance and grace to make us even richer and complement each other. People of China, Java, Papua, or people from anywhere are always accepted with open arms. This is what makes our country different from other countries Indonesia Pancen Houye.


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