Stop Korupsi dan Suap di Indonesia

Efforts to Stop korupsi dan Suap di indonesia the case - the case of corruption and bribery in Indonesia was impressed delayed - delay and tend to be stopped at any point, at which point it is safe for the actor's point of law behind the mafia and mafia cases. If we look at, efforts to combat corruption will end without clear if simply handed to the police, because obviously - obviously own a lot of police officers involved in it.

The phenomenon of cases - cases of corruption and bribery is inviting a lot of concerns from the public, not to mention the bloggers in Indonesia. Not a few bloggers who write her opinion, even criticism - criticism of government performance lambanya and related officials in Stop korupsi dan Suap di indonesia handling cases - kasu corruption that occurred recently in their personal pages. Not only that, some bloggers even give some concrete steps that strongly supports efforts to eradicate corruption in this country.

One website that was so concerned with the eradication of corruption campaign is . And originated from the attitude of concern, then held an SEO contest called STOP Corruption and Bribery in Indonesia. It is expected that this SEO contest, the spirit of Internet users in general and bloggers in particular, will increasingly to take part in efforts to Stop korupsi dan Suap di indonesia.


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